Intel attributed the rejection of single-chip system Quark

Despite the fact that a segment of the Internet of things for Intel is, according to her own Declaration, one of the most important for development, the company gradually refuses its developments in this area.

Recently, Intel ceased production of products of Edison, Joule and Galileo, and now it became known that the company decided to abandon one of their basic products in this field: a single-chip system Quark, presented in 2013.

More precisely, the source assumes that the processor giant has stopped development based on the decisions of the Quark, although official statements on this account has not yet been reported.

The assumption is based on the information that we already know. This rejection of the above products in this segment, and the rumors regarding the closure of units of wearable electronics.

Of course, it is unlikely Intel will stop working in this direction, as this is the future, but perhaps the company is preparing a brand new products based on new microprocessors.



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