Intel again ponders the question of creating processors for smartphones

Last spring it became known that Intel decided to turn the work over processors, which can be used in smartphones. Went under the knife system on a chip SoFIA and the Atom processors of the respective families. There are only solutions Apollo Lake, but they are aimed at tablets and mobile PCs.

Sources claimed that the direction has remained unprofitable and Intel just decided to stop to develop it. Of course, the decision was made to temporarily, yet it was impossible to say that the processor giant will never come back in this segment.

If you believe the new data, the return will happen faster than you would think. Already, the company representative said that Intel is open to the idea of creating processors for smartphones, but now with integrated modems. Companies interested to create solutions for any device, including smartphones. But so far Intel is not ready to talk about the timing of the emergence of a new generation of smartphone CPU.



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