Intel 300 series will get built-in Wi-Fi support and USB 3.1

In the beginning of the year, Intel simultaneously with the desktop processor family Kaby Lake will present a family of chipsets series 200. It is already known that they will not significantly differ from the actual chipsets 100-series, but the interesting changes are planned in the Intel’s next generation of the 300 series.

As DigiTimes writes, citing a source among manufacturers of motherboards, chipsets Intel 300 series will offer built-in support for wireless Wi-Fi and USB 3.1. And the release of new products (and motherboards based on them) is expected by the end of next year.

Intel has not commented on the new details, but if the above scenario is implemented, the market for USB controllers 3.1 and Wi-Fi for motherboard waiting for redistribution in one way or another to suffer from the actions of Intel can Broadcom, Realtek Semiconductor, ASMedia Technology and a number of other companies.

Source: DigiTimes



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