Instead, the AXP-100H Muscle low – profile CPU cooler with six heat pipes

The range of CPU coolers with Intel with a new model AXP-100H Muscle. Novelty, due to their small height, is equal to only 58 mm is well suited for use in compact housings that are designed, for example, to create classroom computers HTPC.

The cooler is universal, as noted by the developers, it is compatible with all modern CPU sockets and platforms, with the exception of the LGA2011 and LGA2011-3.

The cooling system includes an aluminum radiator is almost square in shape, six heat pipes with 6 mm diameter and a fan TY-100BW with a diameter of 10 cm the Latter rotates at a speed of 900-2500 rpm (±15%) and creates airflow 16-44,5 m3/h at a noise level of 22 to 30 dBA.

Despite its compact size, its AXP-100H Muscle is quite a powerful solution, since it is intended for the diversion of up to 180 W of thermal energy.

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