Insoles +Winter with electric heating equipped with a wireless interface

In these minutes on the website KickStarter completed the fundraising for the production of insoles with heating +Winter. Planning to harvest in about 65 000 euros, the creators of +Winter gathered nearly 70 000, so that the campaign can be considered successful.

The insole integrated battery, heating element and control circuit with wireless interface. The thickness of the insole in the heel area, where the battery is equal to 6 mm, in the area of the sock 2. the insole is Charging from the wireless charger. According to the developers, charging a fully depleted battery takes about three hours, and warm insoles for about five hours. Of course, the operation time depends on the selected temperature. Control is performed by using the mobile app. In addition, the footbed will automatically shut off if for some time she remained absolutely immobile or if you flip it upside down.

Set of two insoles, two chargers, a pair of socks and a bag to store all this stuff costs 133 euros.

Source: KickStarter


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