Insider has posted new information about the front camera of the iPhone 8

Known to the insider under the nickname @VenyaGeskin1 posted on his page on the social network Twitter some new images associated with a smartphone iPhone 8, as well as information about front camera.

According to him, the iPhone 8 will be able to identify users by iris, however, the front camera will be quite technical. She’ll really be able to recognize users on a three-dimensional facial image. In addition, it is reported that the front camera will allow you to shoot 3D photos and will also receive a special portrait mode for selfies. We will remind, portrait mode got a basic dual camera smartphone iPhone 7 Plus. Spectacular photos with background blur should be able to do and the front camera of the iPhone 8.

@VenyaGeskin1 has published a new drawing of the smartphone, and the photo, which depicts the upper part of the front panel of the iPhone 8.

Finally, an insider confirms that the fingerprint sensor will be recognized in any part of the display.



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