Inside Nintendo console Switch has detected a cooling system with heat pipe

Yesterday, Nintendo announced that several of the consoles Switch, which will be available in early March, was stolen.

Thanks to this Network there are many videos featuring this device. And some new owners went ahead and disassembled the Switch.

The first thing that draws attention is the cooling system. It uses the heat pipe and fan, which can be found in almost any laptop. About the noise level WITH have to learn after the first reviews. You can also mention the battery, occupying slightly less than half of the internal space. But Nintendo promises only three to six hours of battery life in play mode.

Marking system on a chip Nvidia — ODNX02-A2. According to the latest data, the SoC contains four Cortex-A57 cores and Maxwell GPU with 256 CUDA cores.

The rest can be noted the modularity of the components, which should have a positive impact on the maintainability of the console.



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