Inno3D and Gainward has equipped their card GeForce GT 1030 passive coolers

Company Inno3D, and Gainward is also presented on the same graphics card GeForce GT 1030. And both manufacturers have equipped their new passive coolers, but the model still Inno3D low profile, whereas the size of the card Gainward usual.

The model is called Inno3D GeForce GT 1030 0DB. It is equipped with 2 GB of memory, and the frequency of the components of the standard: 1227/1468 MHz for the GPU and 6000 MHz for the memory. Set of ports includes DVI and HDI. This is the most common set of connectors for the GT 1030.

Model Gainward larger, which allowed the manufacturer to use a more massive radiator. Among other things, because of him the device occupies two expansion slots. The card is called GeForce GT SilentFX 1030.

The company also did not overclock the GPU or memory, so that the frequency is identical to the previous model. Identical set of ports.

GeForce GT 1030
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