Inner join Nvidia NVLink 2.0 will debut next year, together with the Volta GPU

Inner join Nvidia NVLink, is designed to accelerate the exchange between the GPU and CPU were submitted more than two years ago. But the application of it is found only with the release of GPU generation Pascal. In particular, professional accelerator Tesla P100 just focused on servers that support NVLink.

As it became known, NVLink 2.0 will debut next year. The interface will appear in the IBM Power9, which will contain graphical solutions following generation under the name Volta. It is worth noting amusing detail — previously code-named Volta figured that architecture, which was released this year under the name of Pascal.

Whatever it was, every line NVLink 2.0 has a bandwidth up to 25 Gbps, which is 7-10 times faster than PCIe 3.0 version of IBM. Servers Power9 will use several such lines.

Details about the GPU Volta until, of course, no.



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