Inner join Infinity Fabric in the AMD Ryzen operates at a frequency memory

For communication between separate blocks in the AMD Ryzen uses inner join Infinity Fabric, which replaced the HyperTransport bus. In response to a question from members of the community reddit AMD representatives told at what frequency works Infinity Fabric.

Structural Infinity Fabric is a switch 256-bit bidirectional buses. With the help of six-core and eight-core models Ryzen two Quad-core complex (CCX) exchange data with other blocks, including the root complex PCIe and Southbridge. This happens at the frequency of exchange with the RAM. For example, if the controller works with memory DDR4-2133, synchronization matrix switch occurs at a frequency of 1066 MHz (recall that the marking memory indicates effective frequency). This, in particular, means that higher speed memory allows you to increase and bandwidth internal connection.

Source: reddit

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