Industrial SSD SanDisk Skyhawk depending on the model have a value of DWPD 0.5 to 1.7

The range of the company SanDisk, which recently belongs to Western Digital, supplemented by several solid-state drives designed for enterprises.

The new line is called Skyhawk. It consists of four SSD models, all of which support NVMe. Device size 2.5 inch equipped with interface SFF and is divided into two subclasses: Standard Skyhawk and Skyhawk Ultra. The main difference is that the latter is much higher than the value of DWPD (complete rewrites daily).

So, a couple of drives Skyhawk Standard has a volume of 1920 and 3840 GB, and a pair of Skyhawk Ultra — 1600 and 3200 GB. All new products based on 15-nanometer flash memory MLC, and here is data controller no. SSD Skyhawk characterized by the Standard read speed up to 1500 MB/s and write speed reaches up to 1170 MB/s. Performance for the same tasks, respectively 250 000 and 47 000 IOPS. The importance of endurance for a smaller drive is still 0,6 DWPD, and for greater and 0.5 DWPD.

The read speed of the drives Skyhawk Ultra reaches 1700 MB/s, write speeds of 1200 MB/s Performance, respectively 250 000 and 83 000 IOPS. Endurance for the SSD of a smaller amount equal to 1.7 DWPD, for the larger volume of value equal to 1.2 DWPD. The MTBF for all models is 2 million hours. All new covers five-year warranty.



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