Industrial SSD Adata IM2P3388 are connected via PCI-e 3.0

Adata has introduced a new series of industrial SSD IM2P3388 in which in addition to reliability, attention and performance. These SSD size M. 2 2280 use the bus PCI Express 3.0 x4 and is compatible with standard NVMe 1.2.

The SMI controller in conjunction with flash memory MLC 3D NAND delivers performance in streaming reads and write up to 2500 and 1100 MB/s, respectively. Of course, it plays the role of cache memory and DRAM algorithms SLC caching, transferring a portion of the array in a fast one-bit mode. In a series IM2P3388 entered Adata SSD with capacity of 128, 256, 512 GB and 1 TB.

Flash memory undergoes additional sorting and testing, and the set of LDPC algorithms and load balancing increases its life. The drives come in both commercial (-10°C to 80°C) and industrial (-40°C to 80°C) working temperature ranges. Power consumption not higher than 4.8 watts.



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