Indoor antenna TV Mohu Leaf Glide receives signal at a distance of more 100 km

The company Mohu has released a new version of its television antennas Leaf Glide, designed for internal use. Mohu Leaf Glide is one of the most effective antennas for high-definition television.

Obviously, such devices are focused on the inhabitants of the remote areas where it is not stretched cable providers. Mohu has started deliveries of the first Leaf antennas Glide in 2011, claiming that their customers saved more than $ 300 million the total lack of need for laying cables.

The new version of the Mohu Leaf Glide allows you to confidently make the signal at a distance of more than 100 km from the source. When you create antennas manufacturer uses the same techniques that are used in the US army. The included amplifier eliminates interference and increases the signal reception.

Buy Mohu Leaf, you can Glide at a price of $ 90.


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