Indian smartphone manufacturers are demanding that the government imposition of duties on Chinese devices

Indian market at some point for many manufacturers from various industries has become almost as important as Chinese. This is true for the smartphone market.

Many manufacturers produce for the Indian market unique models or announce there latest product. Just two or three years ago, major Chinese manufacturers have also paid attention to the Indian market and as a result is now in this country in the amount of lead is companies from China.

But in India, there are local producers who previously felt in the market, significantly more confident. Now because of the expansion of Chinese giants companies like Micromax, Intex, Lava and others are losing their market share, which dropped to 20%.

To fix this Indian company has decided to apply to the government. They urge the government to impose anti-dumping duties on Chinese smartphones and mobile phones. Moreover, not only those that are imported from China, but assembled in the territory of India. According to local companies, this will promote more healthy competition and the development of the Indian manufacturers.

Note that India already has experience of introducing such fees. For example, any act in relation to the import of cheap steel from China.


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