India can pass a bill, under which the country will strive to completely switch to electric cars in 15 years

When it comes to electric cars and hybrids, often mention the European countries. For example, Norway, where such cars as a percentage sell quite a lot.

I can still remember the USA, where many cars Tesla, as well as China, where the ball is ruled by local manufacturers. But India hardly anyone remembers. Meanwhile, the Indian car market in General is one of the fastest growing in the world, and market IT.

According to sources, at the moment the government of India is considering a bill, which should contribute to an increase in the number of electric vehicles in the country. In particular, the document proposes to reduce taxes and interest rates on loans when buying such a car.

In addition, the bill requires the launch in India of its own production of batteries for electric vehicles by the end of 2018. As part of the taxes coming into the budget from the sales of cars with internal combustion engines are used for the construction of charging stations for electric vehicles.

There are documents and very fantastic at the moment, the reference point: the electrification of all transport by 2032. And although in India for another 15 years, you need to remember about the huge population of the country, and about the General standard of living is very low.

By the way, last year India sold about 3 million cars. Electric cars thus have implemented about 20 thousand.



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