Incorrectly connected mobile devices, Apple could be the cause of the crash of EgyptAir flight Flight 80

In 2016 there was a plane crash. Airbus A320-232 (flight EgyptAir Flight 804) crashed in the Mediterranean sea, taking 66 lives.

Yesterday it became known that the investigation revealed that the cause of the accident could be a fire caused by mobile devices Apple. More specifically, an iPhone 6s and an iPad mini 4, which belonged to the first pilot could be connected to the wrong port, which caused over-heating and fire devices.

As part of the investigation, given this assumption, the experts will acquire three tablets and three smartphones Apple these models for the conduct of examinations.

Apple reacted to the appeared information, saying that the company has not had any contact with the airline or with any body in charge of investigating the disaster. Apple claims that had not seen the report, but I’m sure that there is no evidence to link the collapse with her groceries. Meanwhile, Apple is ready to help the experts in this investigation, if the need arises.

Report the crash with the outcome of the investigation must be provided to the court until September 30.



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