Income developer technologies and OLED materials for the year doubled

Universal Display Corporation (UDC), developer of the technology and UniversalPHOLED materials for displays and lighting OLED panels, has published a report for the third quarter of 2017.

UDС turnover for the period amounted to 61,7 million dollars. Since the third quarter of 2016, it was equal to 30.2 million dollars, the authors of the report argue that over the year the index increased by 104%.

While sales of materials increased by 100% — from 23.5 to 47.0 million dollars, and royalties — by 131%, from 5.2 to 12.0 million dollars.

Operating profit amounted to 18.8 million dollars, net — 13.5 million dollars. Year ago third quarter ended operating losses in the amount of $ 3.0 million and a net loss of $ 1.5 million.

The leadership of the UDC believes that improved financial performance is due to the growing demand for TVs and mobile devices with OLED screens.



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