INCJ and DBJ in the bidding for the semiconductor business, Toshiba will not support Western Digital, SK Hynix

The atmosphere at the auction for the semiconductor business, Toshiba is changing rapidly approaching the time when will be determined by the buyer.

According to recent reports, a Japanese Fund with state participation Innovation Network Corp of Japan (INCJ) and Japan development Bank Development Bank of Japan (DBJ) has decided to support on bids, the company SK Hynix. Their participation can play a key role in choosing the winner, because the state closely monitors the auction and intends to intervene if there is a risk of leakage of technology.

In a consortium with the participation of INCJ, DBJ and SK Hynix also entered investment company Bain Capital and KKR. Previously it was assumed that INCJ and DBJ will join Western Digital, but now she is not in the list. At the same time, it was expected that KKR will bet together with Western Digital. Later it was reported that her will be replaced with Bain company, initially acting on the part of SK Hynix.

We will remind, in April, the head of SK Group confirmed the company’s desire to purchase semiconductor manufacturing Toshiba. Then he assured that the company is ready to up the ante, when the fight enters a decisive phase.

The febrile shuffling of participants similar to the situation before the gates of hockey when players do transfer, is rapidly approaching the goal. Who will cause the resultant impact will be known only when the washer is in the gate.

By the way, one of the informants told the source that in connection with the described dimensions, the Toshiba may not be able to determine the purchaser at the previously designated time.

Source: Reuters

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