Incipio Moto Vehicle Dock Mod is a new module for smartphones Moto Z, this time designed for motorists

Just yesterday we wrote about the first third-party module for smartphones Moto Z, as today the Network has information about another new module.

This time he’s produced by Incipio, which is responsible for the modules-the batteries that came along with the news of Moto. A new module called Moto Vehicle Dock Mod and is a car mount for your smartphone.

First, the module makes it easier than in other cases, to secure the smartphone. If a machine must be plugged into the mount, which sometimes ultimately leads to the appearance of scuffs on the case, this module keeps your mobile device through magnets.

Second, the module supports fast charging, which allows to charge the smartphone on the way. Third, the module provides hands-free capabilities and does not interfere with the functions of Android Auto.

Unfortunately, the cost of the device is still unknown.



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