Inch image sensors Sony IMX183CLK-J and IMX183CQJ-J support 4K video at 60 fps

Sony has announced the release of image sensors IMX183CLK-J and IMX183CQJ-J. These sensors are of CMOS type with reverse flare have a resolution of 20.48 MP. Model IMX183CLK-J forms a color image, IMX183CQJ-J — black. Optical format sensor is 1 inch (of 15.86 mm diagonal), pixel size was 2.4 x 2.4 µm.

The advantages IMX183CLK-J and IMX183CQJ-J manufacturer considers the function of global reset, in combination with the use of a mechanical shutter dramatically reduces the effect of rolling-shutter. Sensors support shooting 4K video with a frame rate of 60 fps (10-bit data representation). At full resolution and 12-bit representation of the data, the maximum frequency is equal to 22 fps.

The sensors are equipped with an interface Sub-LVDS (576 Mbps per channel, 10 channels) and Packed in a 118-pin LGA case. Fields of application include surveillance cameras and industrial electronics.

Source: Sony



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