In WPA2 found dangerous vulnerability

Researchers working in one of the Belgian universities has discovered a vulnerability in the WPA2 used to secure Wi-Fi networks. According to experts, the weak point is not inherent to specific models or products of a certain manufacturer, and any valid implementation of WPA2, so under the threat of hacking are almost all modern devices that support Wi-Fi. Does not depend on the presence and vulnerability of the operating system: the experiments have shown that a suitable variant of the attack can be found for Android, Linux, Apple, Windows, OpenBSD, MediaTek, Realtek and other OS.

Allegedly, the vulnerability allows to hack Wi-Fi network, getting access to confidential data, which were previously considered as being secure, being encrypted. Depending on the network configuration, the vulnerability can also be used to infect web sites with malware.

A detailed description of the study, helped to identify a weak spot, already published source. In short, hacking is performed at the initial stage of connection by spoofing messages which negotiated encryption key.

While there is no data whether the vulnerability is known to cyber criminals and used for attacks. According to the Wi-Fi Alliance revealed the security hole can be closed programmatically.


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