In Windows 10, you may receive a special game mode

Coming in spring we will have another major update Windows 10, called Creators Update. As it became known, one of the innovations of the new version may be special gaming mode.

Indicating he had found in another pre-Assembly in the form of a file called gamemode.dll. By itself, it is, of course, about anything not specifically said, but rumors claim that the game mode will work similar to similar technology in the Xbox One. That is, during operation of some gaming applications, the system will distribute the resources CPU and GPU so that as most of them went to the processing tasks of the game.

This should lead to an increase in the frame rate, reducing loading time and improving productivity. Thus, in theory, from the developers of the games do not require any adaptation for this mode, so users will be able to benefit from it in any game immediately after the release of Windows 10.



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