In Windows 10 Mobile error is detected, allowing to get access to the photos to bypass the lock screen

In the operating system Windows 10 Mobile discovered a bug that allows outsiders to access images in memory to bypass the lock screen. As stated, the error is in the Assembly and Production Insider.

To get access to the photos to bypass the lock screen, it is enough to take a picture and use the preview feature available on the icon in the lower left corner of the screen. Removing just taken, you need to use the onscreen Back button to return to the camera app. If you then again try to call the preview of the last deleted image, the screen will turn black. Now enough the third time to repeat the same sequence of actions (Back and choose a thumbnail), instead of a black screen to see the gallery all images and videos.

The developers of Windows 10 Mobile is already aware of the problem. Moreover, it is argued that the bug is fixed in the Assembly, is available for internal testing. Whether or not Microsoft will release a «patch» for ordinary users, or they will have to wait for cumulative updates is unclear.



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