In view of poor demand of Chinese sellers have begun to offer significant discounts on the iPhone 8

Yesterday we learned that in the Chinese market of smartphones Apple in the last quarter showed a 40 percent sales increase, thanks to finishing in fifth place. However, it was in the third quarter to the start of sales of the new iPhone 8.

And here’s the news, as in the US, sold too bad if compared to the Apple of yesteryear. Has reached that on the new iPhone sellers offer good discounts. In particular, the site owned by China’s largest manufacturer of electrical appliances Suning Appliance started selling the iPhone 8 with a discount of up to $ 170. For example, the iPhone 8 with 64 GB of memory is available for 720 dollars, which is $ 168 less than the official prices.

Online store also offers discounts ranging from 75 to 120 dollars. The source indicates that such discounts on the Apple smartphones in China has never been.



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