In vehicle mobile workstation Dell Precision 15 5520 will include Intel Kaby Lake with a TDP of 35 watts

Dell has prepared an update of the portable workstation Precision 15 5010, the new model will be called Precision 15 5020, and in its configuration enters the processor Intel Kaby Lake with a TDP of 35 watts.

According to the source, the laptop will be offered with CPU Intel i5-7300HQ, i5-and i7 7440HQ-7700HQ. These models have not yet submitted an official, so data about them is not enough. It is known that the nominal clock frequency of the Intel i5-7300HQ and Intel i7-7700HQ be 2.5 and 2.8 GHz is at 300 and 200 MHz more than their counterparts of the family Skylake. Also for the laptop will be available 3D-card Nvidia Quadro M2100M.

Otherwise, no significant changes in comparison with the Precision 15 5010, not expected. Show Precision Dell 15 5520 at CES 2017 next week.

Source: Notebookcheck



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