In two years, the growth of robot sales halved

Sales growth of industrial robots has decreased by half in just two years. The recovery of growth in the near future is not expected. The reason lies in reducing the demand on the world’s largest robot market in China. It is reported by the source, citing data from the organization of the International Federation of Robots (IFR).

Automakers are major purchasers of industrial robots — reduce investments, which is reflected in the demand for robots. Last year, global sales of robots increased by 15%, while in 2014 growth was recorded at 29%. Most likely, this year the growth will be at the level of 13-14%.

In China last year, an increase of 20%, whereas in 2014 it was equal to 56%. However, in the Chinese market is expected to further increase growth. The government considers robotics a strategic priority, hoping for a few years to put China among the most technologically advanced countries. Sales of robots local production by the end of 2015 amounted to 29% of the Chinese market. In 2013 this indicator was equal to 25%

It remains to add that in 2015, industrial robot in the world was sold at 11.1 billion dollars, and with the software, peripheral equipment and other articles, the cost of robotization are estimated at 35 billion dollars.

Source: Reuters


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