In the world there is a slight shortage of actual Pentium generation. The reason may be the policy of the company Intel

As is known, the Intel Pentium with the coming generation Kaby Lake received the most benefits. In particular, they gave support Hyper-Threading technology that, given half the price, made them much more interesting than the Junior Core i3 models for most buyers.

French resource reports that currently in France there are difficulties with the supply CPU Pentium G4560, which began in early summer.

The source suggests that the problem lies in the company Intel, which artificially limits the supply of these processors to increase demand for more expensive CPU. It is difficult to talk about some kind of conspiracy on the basis of one country, but if you look at the Amazon websites in US, UK and Germany, you can see that everywhere there is a lack of certain models of Pentium current generation.

Even in large chain stores it is possible to observe the absence of the box (and sometimes all) versions of the model G4560. There is reason to assume the involvement of Intel to this situation still exists.



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