In the work on flying cars, Uber will help NASA

According to the source, the National Aeronautics and space administration (NASA) will help Uber to launch in 2020, the flying taxi service UberAIR.

Uber has signed an agreement with NASA to management has helped the company to manage the air assets. Note that we are not talking about helicopters and flying cars.

First and foremost, the company wants to start service in Los Angeles that by 2028, when the city will host the Olympic games, the service itself and its underlying technology had been fully worked out and tested.

However, beginning in 2020 it is necessary to create and fully test directly the aircraft, which is suitable for such purposes. Many companies have been working in this direction, but so far it reached only to the prototypes.

Note also that in the beginning of the year, Uber hired former engineer for NASA working on flying cars.



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