In the US, the driver and the passenger of the electric car Tesla Model S was killed in the accident and fire

From Indianapolis, USA was reported on the tragic accident involving the electric Tesla Model S, which ended fatal for the driver and passenger.

Witnesses reported that the car was moving at high speed, at some point, the 27-year-old Casey Spackman (Casey Speckman), which owned the car, lost control and crashed into a tree.

After the collision the car caught fire and exploded, arrived at the fire 20 minutes trying to rescue the passenger, fighting the flames. 44-year-old Kevin McCarthy (Kevin McCarthy) died shortly after he was taken to the hospital.

After the collision, body parts were scattered more than 100 metres and the firefighters had to put out numerous fires caused by fragments of the car battery.

Tesla published in the report said that the autopilot in this case, there was used, as in this case, the speed would not exceed 60 km/h on this stretch of road. But, as indicated by testimony and the damage, the speed was much higher.

In addition, experts Tesla noted that due to the collision at high speed, and physical damage to the car did not have time to transfer records to log server.



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