In the US, the Apple iPhone 7 are in high demand than the iPhone 8

According to the stores owned by mobile operators in the US Apple iPhone 7 sold better than the recently presented model of a new generation of iPhone 8.

Usually every next iPhone model easily surpassed the previous in terms of sales, but the iPhone 8 is no exception.

Carrier AT&T reported that in the last quarter wanting to upgrade was about 900,000 lower than a year ago. The main reason referred to as a mild interest in the iPhone 8.

Buyers prefer the iPhone 7, and iPhone 8 significant improvements. This is the opinion of an analyst with KeyBanc. He argues that consumers are waiting for the start of sales of iPhone model X to select it or iPhone 8.

In the US the price of Apple iPhone 8 start at $699, for iPhone 7 — at $549. IPhone model X will cost $999. It will go on sale on 3 November.



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