In the United States will withdraw one million Samsung Galaxy Note7 recorded 92 cases of overheating

The safety Commission consumer products USA (US Consumer Product Safety Commission, CPSC) finally announced the beginning of full-scale recall campaign smart phones Samsung Galaxy Note7.

Before that Samsung avoided this procedure of suspending sales of the device in different countries and planning to quickly replace potentially hazardous smartphones on models equipped with proven batteries.

CPSC is asking customers who bought Samsung Galaxy Note7 until September 15, 2016, to cease to use smartphones and disable them. Representatives of the Commission state that in revocable campaign were about a million smartphones Samsung Galaxy Note7.

Currently in the United States recorded 92 cases of overheating. In 26 of these people suffered burns, a 55 — suffered private property, in particular, a garage and a car.

Due to the current situation, the assumptions about the early release of the Samsung Galaxy S8.



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