In the United States will start fining pedestrians who during the transition of the road looking at smartphone screen

While some countries have not yet learned how to deal with drivers talking on a cell phone while driving, in the other soon after it will start fining pedestrians.

Of course, to prohibit the use of mobile device while walking no one is going. Instead, the city of Honolulu (Hawaii) have already passed a law prohibiting the use of electronic devices while crossing roads.

To be precise, is prohibited «viewing,» that is talking on the phone is still possible, but to cross the road, staring at the display anymore. The penalty for such violation will be $ 35. The law will come into force tomorrow.

Recall that in some European cities have already appeared the land the special traffic lights for those who can not for a few seconds to break away from the screen. But the fear of a fine might be a more effective incentive. We can assume that in the coming years, such initiatives become more widespread.

According to statistics, last year in U.S. number of fatal accidents involving pedestrians increased by 9% and reached almost 6,000 cases, which is the highest since 1990.


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