In the United States will continue an antitrust investigation of Qualcomm

The claim, in the beginning of the year filed with the Federal trade Commission (FTC) against Qualcomm, remains in force, the investigation will continue. The decision last week, ruled a Federal judge.

This means that Qualcomm will have to fend off two attacks — as you know, after the FTC, Apple also has sued Qualcomm, demanding $ 1 billion — the amount allegedly underpaid under the illegal agreement.

Qualcomm tried to drop the charges the FTC, indicating that even if the allegations are true, they will not add anything to the claims put forward by Apple (Commission accuses Qualcomm that Apple offered discounts in exchange for exclusive contracts). However, the judge did not accept this argument.

Qualcomm assured of groundlessness of the charges that the FTC has yet to prove.

Qualcomm is the largest chipset manufacturer cellular modems for smartphones, supplying these products not only Apple but many other companies producing smartphones. Competitors Qualcomm in the face of Intel and Samsung Electronics recently supported the FTC in a suit against Qualcomm, alleging that Qualcomm retains the leadership position in the market by dishonest means.

Source: Reuters



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