In the United States suggest we should support the exchange of data via wireless communications between new cars

The U.S. Department of transportation proposed to make it mandatory for new vehicles support data exchange over a wireless connection. As expected, exchanging information with each other, cars can help prevent accidents.

The first time this idea was expressed by the Ministry in 2014. Under the new proposal, the designated period within which manufacturers must bring their products into compliance with the law, if adopted. This period is four years.

According to the Agency, NHTSA, is responsible for traffic safety on motorways, exchange data between vehicles would help to avoid accidents or significantly mitigate its impact in 80% of cases not related to drunk driving. This is especially true with respect to matters occurring at roundabouts and changing lanes.

Last year in the USA there were 6.3 million car accidents, which killed 35 092 person.

Source: Reuters


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