In the United States lit up another smartphone Samsung Galaxy S7 edge, confirmed the information fire

Received another message burning smartphone Samsung and again we are not talking about Samsung Galaxy Note7, and released in spring of Samsung Galaxy S7 edge, which has become the hero of such notes.

This time the fire is recorded in the American city Panvel, Ohio. The victim Daniel Botile (Danielle Boutilier told that the phone was overheated within a few months. Before the accident she even contacted Samsung and sent them a smartphone, but its smartphone came back with a comment that indicated that with him there is no problem.

The head of the fire Department Painsville mark Mlacak (Mark Mlachak) confirmed that the source of ignition was the smartphone, which is currently being charged.

A Samsung spokesperson said that customer safety is above all for them, adding that the company will carefully examine this case.

Yesterday it became known about exploding washing machines Samsung.



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