In the UK it rose in the sky the largest aircraft — Airlander 10

Usually, when talking about the biggest aircraft come to mind a huge An-124 Ruslan or An-225 «Mriya». But the largest vessels — the airships.

This mode of transportation, once very common, is now unusual. And Airlander 10, thanks to its record size, and it belongs to the family of «marvel» or «miracle Yudo».

Airship developed by Hybrid Air Vehicles and, more precisely, now we are talking about updated version designed, among other things, for civil purposes, while in 2012 was released the first version, but purely for the US military.

August 17 new Airlander 10 made its first flight in the skies over Britain, which lasted about half an hour.

It should be noted that Airlander 10 hybrid, combining features of an airship and a balloon. Boat length: up to 92 m, and the volume is 38 000 m3. The airship able to lift up to 10 tons of cargo. In the movement of his lead four engine with a capacity of 325 HP each. Maximum speed — 150 km/h. of course, the Airlander 10 is not able to replace the aircraft if to speak about passenger transportation. But for various sightseeing of the tasks, the transport of goods, scientific, military purposes and others, it is a viable alternative. Moreover, in the air the airship can be up to five days.


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