In the third quarter of 2016 had shipped 25 million of printers, MFPs and copiers

Although the third quarter had ended long ago, IDC analysts just now summed up its results in the market, «peripheral devices to obtain hard copies». Such devices at IDC include printers, MFPs and copiers.

According to the report, during the quarter it sold 25 million of such devices. This is 3% less than a year ago. Noting that in the previous quarter, the market fell by more analysts attribute the improvement to the growth of supply in the Asia-Pacific region 4.4%.

The most notable highlights of the quarter analysts attributed the fact that in Western Europe socresonline five consecutive quarters of sales of devices that use a laser printing process, grew by 1.9%.

A leader among manufacturers of printers is HP, whose share for the year decreased from 38.6% to 27.9%. Second place goes to the Canon, whose share for the year decreased from 20.5% to 19.6%. Followed by Epson, which was able to increase its share from 15.8% to 18.3%. The top five also includes the Brother and Samsung. Share Brother for the year decreased from 7.4% to 7.1%, the share of Samsung — from 4.0% to 3.3%.

Source: IDC



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