In the third quarter of 2016 Apple and Samsung took 9.3% and 5.1% of the Chinese smartphone market

Digitimes Research reports that in the third quarter in China were shipped 112,3 million smartphones. The market growth was 5.2%, when compared with the previous quarter, and 5.8% compared to the third quarter of 2015.

China in the third quarter of 2016 took 30.9% of the global smartphone market. The share of foreign manufacturers had 15.2 percent or 17.1 million smartphones. Over the past year, foreign companies have strengthened their positions in China by 36.7%.

If we talk only about them, the leader is Apple, which in the third quarter belonged to 9.3% of the Chinese smartphone market. Samsung Electronics comes next with almost double the gap and a share of 5.1%. Third place goes to HTC, which could occupy only 0.4% of the market.

As for local producers, the leader is Oppo (19,9%), second and third places are occupied by Vivo (15.9 per cent) and Huawei (12,1%), respectively. Followed by Xiaomi Technology (6.3 percent), Gionee (5,5%), LeEco (3.8 per cent), Meizu (3,7%), ZTE (2.1 percent), Coolpad (1.9 per cent), Lenovo (1.6%) and Hisense (1.2 percent).

In the fourth quarter is expected to increase to supply of 118.4 million smartphones, of which 22.5 million will be supplied by foreign companies.

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