In the state Duma a bill to prohibit the use of anonymizers and VPN

As it became known yesterday, the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation introduced a bill in the country to ban the use of technology to bypass the blocking of websites.

The document was developed and proposed by the deputies of Maxim Kudryavtsev (United Russia), Nikolay Rijekom («Fair Russia») and Alexander Yushchenko (CPRF). If literally, the bill proposes «to establish a ban to ensure the use on the territory of the Russian Federation information and telecommunications networks, information systems and computer programs to gain access to information resources, including sites and (or) site pages in the network «Internet», access to which on the territory of the Russian Federation is restricted».

The developers of the bill believe that «established since 2012, the practice of application of measures revealed insufficient efficiency of locks». In order to improve this efficiency, they proposed a very controversial bill.

For example, you may recall that in the new version of the Opera browser already built-in free VPN. In addition, similar technology, albeit used for other purposes, there is in Safari and mobile Chrome versions. Next, you can remember online app stores Google Play Store, Apple AppStore and other, in which the spaces have programs to work with VPN. What to do in such cases, the law also does not say.

«In the current version of the bill uses extremely broad language, therefore it is impossible to estimate to whom it will apply its requirements», — quotes the representative of «Yandex» resource RBC. ACCORDING to «Yandex.Browser» also has a special mode to load pages more quickly, which allows you to visit blocked websites.

Also, the bill absolutely does not describe how it is proposed to divide the use of a VPN to bypass website blocking and commercial use. In the end we have another bill that something to offer, but it is not going to describe a huge number of private cases to clarify the disputed issues and so on.


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