In the specification of HDMI 2.1 will appear formats 8K60 and 4K120

Organization HDMI Forum has told about HDMI specification 2.1, defining a new version of the popular interface for transmitting high-definition digital video and multichannel audio.

An innovation that will be assigned to HDMI 2.1, includes support for higher resolutions and human frequencies (8K60 and 4K120), extended dynamic range Dynamic HDR, sound technologies eARC and mode variable frame rate Game Mode VRR. In addition, will be standardized cables 48G with a bandwidth of 48 Gbps, capable of transmitting uncompressed 8K video with HDR.

The new version of the standard, the development of which was attended by the leading manufacturers of computers, mobile devices and consumer electronics will be backward compatible with the previous one. It will be available early in the second quarter.

Source: HDMI Forum


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