In the Sony a9 camera detected feature that prevents its use for sports reporting

Some time ago one of the sports photographers are faced with the unpleasant phenomenon: part of the pictures taken with camera Sony a9, were visible horizontal bands.

Source understand the problem and published a detailed explanation of the reasons for the appearance of these bands. In short, it’s a feature of image sensor and electronic shutter. To improve the reading speed, it usually occurs in groups of 12 rows. Since the blink rate of a light source illuminating the objects in the frame, turned out to be a multiple of the cycles of reading, the image appeared strip.

The problem is that the light sources of led advertising boards around the pitch perimeter, used very widely. Although to create the effect you need a combination of several factors, the unpredictability of its occurrence in each particular picture makes the situation very unpleasant. Especially given the fact that the manufacturer is positioning as the Sony a9 camera for sports reporting. However, the use of the Sony a9 in this capacity is limited and other factors.

Source: DP Review



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