In the smartphone market OLED screens will overtake LCD displays in 2020

The next predictions about the spread of OLED screens shared, according to sources, analysts DSCC.

According to their calculations, in the smartphone market panel organic LEDs will overtake LCD displays in 2020. By that time many manufacturers transferred even low-cost devices on OLED screens, as the cost of the latter will be significantly reduced. It will be due to the increased production of such products and to increase the number of producers able to manufacture OLED panel.

By the end of 2019 it is expected that the sales of smartphones with OLED screens reach 1.37 billion units. The market of OLED panels in General, the results of current year will reach $ 23.2 billion dollars, and in 2022 will amount to 62.8 per billion.

In addition, analysts believe that the flexible OLED panel ahead of normal by the end of next year. This does not mean that the smartphones will be flexible. Just when production of such displays use a flexible plastic substrate instead of glass.

The source claims that by the end of the second quarter the cost of the LCD panel Full HD diagonal of 5.5 inches averaged $ 27, a decrease for the year to $ 8. The cost of similar OLED panel is 34 USD.



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