In the shops there is a shortage of Samsung Galaxy S8 in colors Midnight Black Orchid and Gray

Friday began the official sales of Samsung Galaxy smartphones and Galaxy S8 S8+, which began to send those who had pre-orders since Monday.

Recall, for 10 days, the manufacturer has collected more than a million pre-orders in South Korea, where reports about the lack of smartphones began to arrive before the start of sales.

Now sources have confirmed that the stores there is a shortage of Samsung Galaxy S8. A Samsung spokesperson claims that this situation has arisen due to the fact that some colors were more popular than others. In particular, in shops difficult to find a smartphone in the color Midnight Black, the second place in popularity was the color Orchid Gray.

While it is unclear in which countries the problem arose, however, wishing to buy a new smartphone needs to be ready that you will have to wait longer than expected.

According to analysts, Samsung may sell up to 60 million Galaxy S8 Samsung Galaxy S8+.



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