In the service Instagram has the opportunity to create an online broadcast

Social network Instagram announced the introduction of another innovation. It extends the capabilities of Instagram Stories section, but it appears as though separately.

From now on, users of Instagram have the ability to create an online broadcast, which will be displayed in the ribbon, Instagram Stories. The maximum duration of the broadcast is one hour. For broadcast, you can enable or disable comments. And if the usual «history» there is only 24 hours, and then disappears forever, then stream and not saved. It exists until the user continues the stream, and then immediately disappears. That is, to see her sometime later will not work, if you’re interested, you need to watch immediately.

Another new feature is the section of Instagram Direct, which is responsible for the correspondence of users. Now in a conversation or group chat, you can send photos and videos that disappear after they are viewed. Moreover, will notify the sender if such a photo, for example, were made a screenshot. Also directly in Instagram Direct you can now process photos.



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