In the server IBM Power System S822LC processor IBM Power8 and Nvidia GPU Tesla P100 associated interface Nvidia NVLink

IBM has introduced a new family of servers Power Systems LC. According to the manufacturer, they are designed to simplify working with cognitive computing and to improve the efficiency of data centers (DPC). Servers built on the new Power8 processor and run Linux. They found the use of the latest development of the OpenPOWER community, which allowed us to obtain a higher level of performance and computational efficiency compared to systems on x86-compatible processors.

This is evidenced by the results of trial operation of servers together with Tencent, one of the largest global providers of Internet services. As it turned out, most of the new IBM servers to cope with workloads, processing large amounts of data three times faster in comparison with analogues in the x86 processors. Moreover, this result has been achieved, reducing the total number of servers by two-thirds.

An important feature of the model of IBM Power System S822LC is support for the IBM Power8 processor interface Nvidia NVLink, providing a direct link between CPU and GPU Nvidia Tesla P100. It allowed five times to increase the speed of data exchange compared to x86 servers servers. In models S821LC IBM Power System and IBM Power System S822LC for Big Data to exchange with the GPU uses the PCIe bus, but they are available interface POWERAccel Acceleration Coherent Processor Interface (CAPI) designed for high-speed connectivity FPGA-accelerators.

Prices for the new servers the family of IBM Power LC in the online store start at $6000. Through partners IBM available and cheaper configuration. The model of IBM Power System S822LC will be on sale September 26, sales of the two other models have already begun.

Source: IBM

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