In the past quarter, the iPhone 8 sales in USA could not beat even iPhone 6s

Recently, we reported that in USA iPhone 7 sold better than the iPhone 8. Given the small number of changes and the expectation of many flagship iPhone X, this is not surprising.

But according to Consumer Research Research Partners, new Apple in the United States sold almost the same as iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. The report says that by the end of the previous quarter the share of new models accounted for only 16% of all sales of smartphones iPhone. More specifically, 6% of the segment took a younger model and 10% older, which in itself is pretty entertaining. The last generation had 58%, while the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus took 14%.

Of course, one could say that the iPhone 8 started in the end of the quarter (September 22), but when compared with the previous years, it will become clear that’s not the problem. For example, last year during the same period, the share of new products (it was then the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus) accounted for 43% of sales the year before — 24%, in 2014 — 46%. Probably, the current innovations has shown the worst start relative to predecessors in the entire history of Apple.

Even the iPhone took a SE of 11% in sales of Apple’s smartphone, that is more than the iPhone 8 Plus. Still amusing to see that even iPhone 6s is not lost to iPhone 8 Plus, taking 10%.



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