In the opinion of management Innolux, LCD displays will never succumb to the OLED display

As we previously reported, the company Innolux, for several years without much success trying to develop OLED technology, called why Taiwanese manufacturers cannot compete in this area with Chinese, Japanese and Korean. Moreover, according to the source, Innolux believe that LCDs will never succumb to the OLED display, remaining the most common.

Verify that there is a shortage of OLED panels for smartphones, and the main manufacturer of this product, Samsung Display, expands the corresponding production, but the company Innolux, which manufactures LCD panels, believes in their future.

According to the CEO of Innolux, LCD panel will always have the best ratio of price and quality, as well as the best indicators of durability and reliability. In addition, the horizon displays using other technologies, including Micro LED.

Interestingly, this opinion partly coincides with the opinion of the management of AU Optronics (AUO), called OLED technology for certain niches, including smartphones, wearable electronics and the gear VR headset. Such panels are already cost less than LCD. But in TV panels, OLED can’t compete with LCD panels, as the price of OLED is higher but the quality of the panels of the two types is comparable.

Source: Digitimes



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