In the operating system Tizen was found 40 new vulnerabilities

It is no secret that the Tizen operating system has not become a substitute for Android or at least a competitor. For whatever reason Samsung decided very limited use of this OS in the smartphone market.

Perhaps related to this is the fact that Tizen, as it turned out, a very unsafe operating system. According to the source, Israeli security researcher discovered in Tizen 40 previously unknown vulnerabilities. Moreover, they relate to the entire system, and this means that under the threat of a break-not only smartphones, but also smart watches, TVs and other household appliances that use Tizen.

«Perhaps this is the worst code I’ve seen» — quoted researcher Amichai of Neiderman (Amihai Neiderman) source. Your research will be presenting at the event, Security Analyst Summit in the coming Monday.

Also, Neiderman a few months ago to send a report to Samsung but received only an automatic response letter. After the publication of the article source Samsung responded more clearly, stating that the company is ready to cooperate to solve the problems found.


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