In the ongoing decline of the tablet market mostly to blame Apple and Samsung

Analysts Strategy Analytics estimated the tablet market last quarter and came to the conclusion that it continues to fall. In this case, talking about the decline in sales by 9%, to 63.5 million units.

The main culprit for this situation is Apple. The company still sells far more tablets than the competitors, but every quarter is selling them less and less. In particular, in the last quarter copertina implemented 13.1 million tablets, taking 20.6% of the market. A year earlier the corresponding figures were equal to 16.1 million and 23.2%.

Samsung, located on the second place, too, can boast of sales growth. The Korean giant for a quarter sold 8.1 million tablets and took 12.8% of the market, while in the fourth quarter of 2015 sold 9 million devices and was 12.9% of the market.

Interestingly, all the other companies included in the top five, was able to increase sales. Lenovo has sold 4.2 million tablets, taking 6.7% of the market (a year earlier, the number was 3.5 million and 5%), Huawei sold 3.7 million units, occupying 5.8% market (a year earlier, the figures were 3.2 million and 4.6%), and Amazon has taken a 5.4% market share, having sold 3.4 million tablets (a year ago, the numbers were equal 2.3 million and 3.3%).

Analysts also indicate that the producers of an unnamed product (white box) took a total of 28.5% of the market, realizing 18.1 million tablets, while a year earlier sales totaled 20.5 million.

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