In the next two years, Idemitsu Kosan increase production of materials for OLED 70%

Japanese company Idemitsu Kosan, which is one of the main suppliers of materials for OLED, plans in the next two years to increase the performance of the relevant lines by 70%.

The implementation of this plan will bring the total volume of materials for OLED enterprises Idemitsu Kosan, located in Japan and South Korea, and 12 tons per year.

South Korean trade will expand, and the Japanese factory plans to introduce improved technology, which will speed up the production of finished products. The result of the South Korean factory will annually produce 8 tons of material OLED, the Japanese — 4,

The demand for OLED materials to grow, as Apple moves to using the technology in the displays of their devices. It is expected that next year the market of OLED panels will reach 18.6 billion dollars, ahead of the market of LCD panels, which will amount to 17.6 billion.

Idemitsu Kosan is fighting for market leadership materials for OLED with the German company Merck. Now, these manufacturers in total occupy 70-80% of the market. Position Idemitsu Kosan based on the possession of many important patents related to OLED.

Source: Nikkei



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